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Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatment in Goa

The Sanskrit word “Panchakarma is a combination of two words namely pancha menaing five and karma meaning action or therapy.
This age-old science of purifying the body is an ancient branch of Ayurveda.
Panchakarma consists of two main types: Shaman Chikitsa, used to subdue the vitiated Doshas, due to which any ailments may be produced. It is administered by using various medicinal herbs, minerals and animal products such as ghee and milk preparations.
In case of the Dosas being vitiated beyond a particular level, they give rise to various endotoxins, which have a tendency to be accumulated in the minute channels of the body.
These are beyond the level of pacification and hence need to be eliminated or removed from the body.
In this situation , the second type of treatment,  Shodhan Chikitsa or cleansing therapy, is prescribed.
It is the Shodhan Chikitsa which consists of five types of main therapies, and that is why it’s known as the Panchakarma or Panchakarma Chikitsa.
Panchakarma has been given a special place in all the ancient Ayurvedic texts.
Aacharya Charak, the author of the most important ancient text on internal medicine, has described a wide use of Panchakarma therapy for almost all the major diseases.
Two separate sections, Kalpa Sthanam, and Siddhi Sthanam in Charak Samhita describe the details of special decoctions and other preparations used for Panchakarma therapy.
Panchakarma includes two main parts namely:
Poorva Karma (Preparatory Methods) which includes :
•  Paachan (Digestion)
•  Snehan (Internal and external oleation)
•  Swedan (Fomentation)
Pradhan Karma (Main methods) which includes :
•  Vaman (Induced vomiting)
•  Virechan (Induced purgation)
•  Basti (Medicated enema)
•  Nasya (Nasal medicine)
•  Rakta Mokshan (Artificial bloodletting)
Pashchat Karma (Post-Therapeutic Measures) which includes :
•  This includes Sansarjan Krama (Specific dietetics), DhumaPana (smoking of medicinal
   cigars) and some rules to follow specific activities.
Today in the modern times panchakarma therapies have become really popular among people from all over the world, as it is providing long lasting relief from health conditions without any side effects. Ayurveda treats every person as unique and the therapies and treatment are chosen carefully from the wide varieties available in the Panchakarma. A lot people are coming to places which have good weather such as Goa for getting the benefit of the treatments Ayurveda has to offer. To cater for the increasing demand of ayurveda therapies and treatments among the people visiting goa for rejuvenating their body and mind and as well as gaining positive health, SWAN Ayurveda Goa has been created , this is our endeavour in the direction of providing authentic ayurveda treatment s and therapies in goa. We have in-house doctor and therapists who provide the best ayurveda treatments available in Goa.
SWAN Ayurveda Goa is open from October to May for in-house guests as well as non-residentials. We are within an hours drive of Anjuna, Vagator, Baga, Calangute, Candolim, Morjim, Ashwem and Arambol.
All treatments and therapies are provided only after being recommended by our ayurvedic doctor. We welcome you to come and experience authentic ayurveda treatments, therapies and massages in our beautiful and peaceful Ayurveda retreat centre located in the valley of Assagao, Goa India.
Come experience Ayurveda at SWAN!