SWAN Yoga Retreat in Goa, India

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SWAN Yoga Retreat and Ashram  in Goa India ….. Presents 

Yoga Beyond Asana … Living Yoga

SWAN Yoga Goa, is run and managed by sannyasins trained at Bihar School of Yoga. We strive to work in the direction of providing a dogma free environment. Where everyone is welcome. The retreat is open from October till May. During this period we offer many different yoga retreats and packages for you to choose from. The Yoga Holiday and Vacations being our most popular ones. Apart for this we also keep organising more intense retreats which has specific subject, like Chakra Sadhana, Tattwa Suddhi, Bhakti Yoga Immersion Retreat, we encourage our visitors to come and experience the deeper meaning behind the philosophy of yoga by taking them all thru an experiential journey in a safe sacred and peaceful setting of SWAN Yoga Retreat and Ashram in Goa.

We also offer daily drop-in yoga classes for non-residents.

Join our Yoga Holidays and Yoga Vacation Retreats in Goa India

Our yoga retreat ashram in goa is a place devoted to sacred practice; a place where you can go to learn authentic yoga and meditation practices in a safe and inspiring setting. Come experience ashram lifestyle in comfortable, clean and natural setting of SWAN Yoga Retreat Goa. A one of its kind ashram in India.

We look forward to having you come experience yoga in Goa at SWAN!