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Learn how to cook delicious, Indian, Vegetarian, Ayurvedic food at our SWAN kitchen!

Eating Healthy is a must for maintaining a good physical, mental and spiritual well being. The cooking class at SWAN will give you a glimpse into the world of amazingly delicious ayurveda based vegetarian cooking.

After getting tremendous feedback and suggestion from the guests who ate at SWAN during their stay , a lot of requests were about being able to learn how to cook delicious vegetarian food at home. We started the cooking lessons for in-house as well as outside guests. Most of our guests (both Indian and International) claimed that they never had such delicious and healthy Ayurvedic/Vegetarian food ever, and many wanted us to share the wonderful art of cooking with people who wish to eat similar food back home, but do not know how to cook or what ingredients to use.

When we started these Ayurvedic/Vegetarian cooking lessons in January 2014, it became instant hit and we are regularly getting feedbacks and thank letters from guests who are now using these skills to eat healthy and that helps them to lead a more spiritual and healthy life.

At SWAN we regard food as medicine. Using only fresh seasonal herbs and vegetables from regional farmers or our own garden, the daily menus of wonderfully nourishing vegetarian food, supports the healing of the body and enhances the purification process.

We have created a 2 hours workshop generally held either on Tuesdays or on Thursdays (please get prior confirmation before arriving) during 1300 – 1500 where you will be able to watch and learn how to prepare 5 different recipes. Minimum 3 participants are required.

Price: Rs. 1500

Please e-mail us swanyogagoa@gmail.com for more information

Hari Om Tat Sat.