SWAN Yoga Retreat in Goa, India

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Breathwork Training Retreat Goa India

Breathwork Training Retreat Goa India

With Sayenn K. Lae



Initiation into Source Breath-work and Five Elements 

Course happening at SWAN YOGA RETREAT Goa India

(Also includes traditional Himalayan tantric practices)  

December 10-20, 2016

Shanti Devi

Since breathwork and her teacher were first shown to her in a dream Sayenn K. Lae  has been breathing energy and training people in different countries in her self developed, unique approach in which she also trains people across the world from many different cultures to become certified capable professional breathwork-guides. She is a down to earth, creative and experienced heart – based teacher who gets to the core of the matter when needed with tough love and sensitivity when needed. It is safe to dive with her.. She is loaded with amazing exercises through her former sensory and body-work in theatre and has been teaching many students from all walks of life in free flow creativity and breathwork with different teachers from ancient cultures and shamanic traditions.

IN collaboration with the experienced teachers and ayurvedic doctor at Swan who will be guiding the himalayan tantric practices and giving lectures and practical teachings from the indian perspective. You can meet them here :  http://www.swan-yoga-goa.com/swan-yoga-teacher/

Prerequisites : A few individual or group breathwork sessions or basic training with Sayenn K. Lae or another good rebirthing teacher are needed. It is open to anyone you can come 5 days early and do some individual sessions to prepare you for the training. snorkel, nose clip, torch, swimsuit, 1 pair of white cotton clothes, writing pad, pen.

It is the spectacular Breathwork Mastery Program that facilitates in deepening your understanding on the experiential scope of the breath with many powerful & surprising processes to help you take a leap in your path. This training is open to anyone and designed to support your own process or as a part of the certification of becoming a skilled breathworker.

A great wealth of practical information such as:

  • ‘the art of processing the mind’,
  • working with the 5 elements , fire water earth air and spirit ,
  • rejuvenation and detox practice ,
  • clarity on relationship dynamics,
  • in depth schooling on the birth-specifics,
  • awakening body intelligence,
  • self-enquiry, and ‘cracking your matrix’.


In these training many different vital processes and disciplines are used to support the breathwork that will increase your frequency and expand your awareness. You will be initiated into the transformative power of the breath. See below to read more on the amazing program and India experience, breathwork , processes and teachings in dynamic program that leaves enough space to relax or take high quality ayurvedic treatments.

The price for 10 days retreat would be as under:

Budget cottage: Euro 1816 + 80 euro tax per person

Standard Cottage : Euro 2016 + 108 euro tax per person

NOTE: If paying by credit card, there would be a surcharge of 5% extra and for bank to bank transfer, there is no extra charge.


  • Accommodation (as opted for)
  • Meals (Morning Fruit , Brunch, afternoon snack & dinner
  • Seven Breath-work sessions & in-depth teachings and processes.
  • Learning to support each-other on breath work session.
  • Under-Water breath work in a beautiful garden pool.
  • individual Ice-water bath.
  • Experiential introduction to sanathan-dharma by Sanyasis from Bihar School of Yoga and from the breathwork lineage of Haidhakhan babaji.
  • Shatkarma kriya for Detoxification.
  • Morning meditation on the rocks near the sea.
  • 1 night sleeping with sacred fire (dhuni).
  • candle gazing (Trataka)
  • individual fire evening
  • Havan with mantras.
  • Karma-Yoga (selfless community service)
  • Evening, inspirational Movies & lectures.
  • Personal consultation with the Ayurvedic doctor.
  • One day Fruit Fresh Juice fasting.
  • An expedition to the only ancient labyrinth in india, moon-shiva temple.
  • Visit to organic jungle spice farm
  • Visit to ancient pandava cave & natural jungle spring
  • time to relax and visit the nearby beaches.
  • Heritage walk around Assagao.


  • Ayurvedic treatments
  • Visit to the International Designers Saturday Night Market.
  • Yoga session in the morning (0730 – 0900 AM).
  • Ayurvedic Cooking Classes.
  • Early morning Jungle walks.
  • Renting Scooter.
  • Early Morning Dolphin trip.
  • Additional night stay at SWAN Yoga Retreat (before and / or after the Retreat)

For more questions around the content of training mail info@source-breathwork.com and about pricing contact swan yoga goa at swanyogagoa@gmail.com


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