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Yoga & Tantra – An Introduction to the Art of Life Part 2

Yoga and Tantra An introduction to the art of life  – Part 2 Shiva “Consciousness” – The consciousness, as a whole is the essence of the whole creation and actually the whole creation is happening inside the realms of consciousness. We know the part of consciousness in us. The words “Aware” and “know” are the phenomena which belongs to the[…]

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Yoga and Tantra

Yoga and Tantra An introduction to the art of life – Part 1 Once upon a time there was king of a great empire asked his closest of advisor, “O wise man what is the knowledge and how to differentiate between the right knowledge and the wrong ones”?. The advisor said O great king i can tell you but I[…]

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Something Wrong With the World Today ;)

Something wrong with the World today 😉 In Yoga Tradition there are four levels of existence. The lowest is the level of the Manas the mind and the physical body is categorized under the mind. Body is the gross form of mind. The thought which people generally have is , that the body is finite system as the medical science tried[…]

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Ishwarpranidhana – Surrender to GOD.

“Samadhi Siddhi Ishvarapranidhana” Patanjali Yoga Sutra 2:45 Deepest meditative state of Samadhi is attained by devotion to the Supreme Being – Ishwara. Steady in the path of yoga and the yogic practices and being in permanent awareness of the Divine – Ishwara, the Sadhaka (practitioner) may attain Samadhi. The Sadhaka when surrenders to the unknown, accept the unknown and thus[…]

The Grace

The Grace Ahh I remember. I have known you from the beginning… You were smiling in the first morning lights of childhood. You were humming melodies under the afternoon shade of teenage.. you were the one who was decorating the evening winds when i was away from home… The night is blooming from your beauty my Beloved… The moon and[…]

Viveka (Discrimination)

Viveka (Discrimination) Viveka is the one of the two wealth you acquire or inherit from the Guru, the other being the Vairagya (Detachment). Viveka literally means the absolute discrimination between right and wrong, light and darkness, death and immortality. Viveka is also defined as understanding the duality as it is, without bringing your mind in between the situations ie the[…]